International Day 2019

On Thursday 17th October our whole school community came together to celebrate International Day. It was a wonderful event as we helped our pupils gain an understanding of the many different countries that make up the world in which we live. It was also an opportunity for pupils to learn about, and appreciate the cultures of families who make up the multicultural community at the RGS.

The day started with pupils, staff members and some parents arriving at school in national costume. We enjoyed a colourful assembly which was led by Farris and Sondos, our Head Boy and Girl respectively, and included wonderful performances from pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 and our music ECAs. A number of pupils took to the stage to tell us about their home countries and we heard a wonderful poem about the UK read by pupils in Year 2 and 3. Thank you to all the pupils who performed in assembly, and to Miss Martindale and Mr. Woodhouse for supporting the pupils to prepare the musical pieces.

In the week prior to International Day, pupils had spent time learning about the countries that their friends and teachers come from, as well as the country that their teacher had chosen to represent this year. During International Day they had the opportunity to explore even more countries as they visited far flung destinations such as China, Brazil, India and many more. At each country the pupils took part in some great activities and collected passport stamps in their RGS passports!

One of the highlights of International Day is always the International Day Lunch which is organised by parent volunteers. This year was the best so far as parents made a fantastic effort providing food from different countries for our pupils to share, and also decorating their tables with flags, maps, signs and souvenirs from their chosen country. The food was delicious and I am looking forward to next year already!

I am sure everyone will agree that the day was a great success and one that was not only enjoyable for our whole school community, but also hugely beneficial for our pupils. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many parents who got so involved with the festivities.

Art Week

During the last week of Term 2 we held a fantastic Arts Week based around the theme of ‘Story Art’. Throughout the week pupils took part in a wide range of great activities as they learnt new techniques and discovered famous artists.

On Wednesday (17th April) all parents were invited to the RGS Art Exhibition to view the amazing artwork that our pupils had created. Parents, pupils and staff walked around the exhibition which had displays of artwork from every class in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Over the holidays I brushed up on my auctioneering skills, because at 8am on that same day we held an Art Auction, with one collaborative piece per class auctioned off to the highest bidder! There were thirteen items up for auction, created by pupils of all ages. It was great to see such variety, as canvases were auctioned alongside furniture and also a fantastic duvet set created by Year 3. The Auction was great fun and I would like to thank the parents for really getting involved and being so generous. We raised a substantial amount of money which highlights the generosity of our parent community. The money raised being given to the School Council fund so the pupils can continue to make improvements to the RGS.

Well done to our pupils for their fabulous effort during Arts Week and thank you to the teachers and teaching assistants for their ongoing support and hard work. A special mention for Miss McConville and Miss Tomes who worked tirelessly to plan and coordinate both Arts Week, the exhibition and the auction.

Book Week

We held a fantastic Book Week this week at the RGS, celebrating our love of books and the enjoyment and importance of reading. There has been a wide range of activities taking place throughout the week which have engaged and excited our pupils.

As pupils arrived at school each morning there were lots of great competitions running and wonderful books to be purchased at the Book Fair. Well done to everyone who took part in one of the competitions and to our ‘100 Book Challenge’ winners who were presented with certificates on Thursday.

Classes had the opportunity to listen to stories read by different teachers and our older pupils visited Early Years’ classrooms to read stories to our youngest pupils. ‘Cozy Wednesday’ saw pupils wear pyjamas and enjoy stories with their friends, teachers and parents. Also on Wednesday, parents were invited to come into school to look at examples of guided reading and talk to Mr. Trace about strategies that can be used at home and school to encourage reading and develop key skills.

Throughout the week pupils had to ‘Drop Everything and Read’ when they heard the sound of a tambourine around school which caused much amusement, especially when pupils were in PE lessons!
The final event of the week was the Book Character Parade which was great fun! There were some amazing costumes this year with pupils and staff coming to school dressed as their favourite book or movie character. We enjoyed a variety of performances throughout assembly, including poetry read by pupils and teachers. On Thursday, pupils also took part in a carousel of activities throughout the day with different teachers.

A huge thank you to everyone for getting so involved in this great week and to Mr. Trace, our English Coordinator, for organising a fantastic and hugely beneficial Book Week.

Sports Day 2019

As part of Health Week we held our annual Sports Days this week which are always a highlight of the year. Pupils, parents and staff members arrived at school wearing House colours and pupils took part in a series of events to collect points for their Houses. The action then turned to the track for individual races!

On Wednesday it was Early Years and Key Stage 1 who showed amazing effort and sportsmanship as they competed for their Houses. The parents demonstrated their athletic prowess as Hussein and MK’s Mum, Reem’s Nanny, Wouter’s Dad, and Yazaan’s Dad all emerged victorious in the parents’ races. Miss Keay once again showed she is the speediest female teacher in school as she led the way in the sprint, while Mr McCullagh took the male title away from defending champion Mr Walsh in a photo finish!

On Thursday it was the turn of Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils who took part in a series of field events, followed by sprinting, hurdles and long distance races. Well done to everyone who took part, especially those pupils who volunteered for the long distance races and kept on going even when they were finding it tough. Zaynab’s Aunty sped away to win the parents’ race, while Miss Kelly was better than the day before by winning the Female staff race. The male staff race was highly competitive, with Mr McCullagh just holding off Mr Temple to make two wins in two days for Hamonde!

Valpy were crowned overall champions of the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Sports Day, while Nettles claimed the Key Stage 2 and 3 title.

Well done to all the participants and thank you to everyone who came along to support the pupils. The sportsmanship on show was really special and pupils should be very proud of themselves. A special mention to Mr Temple, Mr McCullagh and Miss Kelly who planned and organised both Sports Day and Health Week.

Health Week

What a week at the RGSGQ! On Sunday students attended the RGS wearing a range of football shirts and were very motivated to participate in football, following Qatar’s success in the Asian Cup the previous evening. Early years students took part in a range of coaching sessions where they improved their control and dribbling skills whilst playing fun games. Key stage 1 and 2 students participated in a football tournament. The winners of the tournament were Year 6 boys and Year 2 Tigers. On Monday students brought into school an activity on wheels. This ranged from bikes, scooters and roller blades. Students then got to show off their skills on their wheels by completing an obstacle course. It was great to see so many Nursery and Reception children being able to ride bikes without using stabilizers.

Tasty Tuesday was an opportunity to learn about, and try, a range of healthy foods. Year 3 and 6 had a “smoothie shake off”, while Year 1 made fruit kebabs and Early Years pupils ate coloured yogurt and fruit. Wellness Wednesday was an opportunity for pupils to learn about having a healthy mind and body. Students participated in yoga in the atrium with Mrs Maines and enjoyed an informative talk with RGS school nurse Odessa.

A fantastic, fun, healthy week for students at the RGSGQ.

Spring Fair

On 2nd Feb 2019 we held our annual Spring Fair at the RGS. The event was an opportunity to bring the School and wider community together and raise money for good causes.

There were lots of great games to play, a wide range of shops and stalls, tasty food and some fabulous prizes to be won. The Bouncy Castles were very popular, as was Splat the Teacher!!! Well done to the School Council who ran their own stall and raised almost 200 QAR; and congratulations to our competition and raffle winners who walked away with a host of excellent prizes!

Throughout the day we were treated to a number of superb performances on the stage. Pupils showcased their musical talents and the audience also enjoyed Irish Dancing and music by a Jazz Duo.

Thank you to everyone who came along to share the day with our whole community and support the School. It was wonderful to see so many parents and pupils socialising and enjoying themselves. I do feel that we have a wonderful community at the RGS which will only get stronger as the School grows.

Money raised from the Spring Fair will be shared between the charitable organisation for animal welfare, TNR Qatar, which is a non-government funded, volunteer community organisation working to trap, neuter, return and manage Doha’s community cats; and the Parents’ Association Fund, which is used to host further events to strengthen our school community and provide additional opportunities for pupils at the RGS. We would like to thank our sponsors: 7th Heaven Arts Centre; Archery Tag; Doha Golf Club; Go Nuts; Intercontinental Hotels Group; Sharq Village & Spa; Spa Thirty; Yama Yoga Studios; for their participation, which was greatly appreciated.

To put on an event like this takes an incredible amount of hard work. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the day such a positive experience for all who attended. A special thank you to the Parents’ Association for their exceptional, hard work which ensured the day was such a great success.

Science Week

This week pupils at the RGS have benefitted from one of our regular theme weeks, as learning has focused on Science for the week. Pupils in the Primary School explored areas including space, geology, plants and animals through hands-on investigations and experiments.

The week started with a focus on space and a spectacular show held in the Science Dome. Each class had the opportunity to visit the dome which was so large it couldn’t fit into the atrium! Pupils in Early Years made moon sand and their own telescopes while Year 2 and 3 created rockets using balloons and bottles. There was a lot of fun in the atrium as pupils in Year 5 and 6 took part in an egg drop challenge which involved them designing their own parachutes to ensure their eggs safely landed. Pupils also learnt about the different phases of the moon using Oreos!
During the focus on geology, Year 1 pupils made their own rocks by laying sand, pebbles and glue, as well as lemon volcanoes and rock cakes to explore the formation of rocks. Year 2 made salt dough fossils and even lava lamps!

The School Council garden has also benefitted from Science week as each class has now planted seeds which will hopefully grow into flowers over the coming months.
There really has been so much for the pupils to get involved in covering all aspects of Science. Year 3 and 4 pupils explored the digestive system and heart rate, and even made a test tube disappear in oil, Reception pupils got very messy learning how to create their own slime and Year 5 and 6 pupils spent time in the Science laboratory with Mr Phillips using the microscopes to explore cheek cells.

Throughout the week lots of engaging activities have taken place which have succeeded in raising the profile of science at the RGS. A big thank you to Miss Wheeler, Science Coordinator, for organising this worthwhile week of learning.

Qatar National Day Celebration 2018

On 17th December 2018 we held a whole school celebration for Qatar National Day which also marked the end of a successful first term at the RGS.

Pupils, staff and parents arrived at school in a range of wonderful clothing representing the country we live in. There was traditional Qatari dress, colourful clothing linked to the Qatari flag, and even military and police uniforms. Thank you so much to everyone for putting in such an effort.

The morning started with a whole school assembly, expertly presented by Suereya and Kenda. Pupils from Reception to Year 6 joined together to lead the School in a stirring rendition of the Qatar National Anthem before we enjoyed musical performances from pupils in Year 5, Key Stage 3 and those who participate in ukulele and guitar ECA. Boys in Year 6 and 7 took to the stage to perform a traditional Qatari Sword Dance and we heard poems from pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 3. Pupils across the School also spoke about what they love about Qatar.

Whole School events provide pupils with the opportunity to perform to an audience and it was wonderful to see so many pupils having the confidence to do so.

Qatar National Day is celebrated annually on December 18th, commemorating the inception of the modern state of Qatar in 1878. It is a day to celebrate the unique history and heritage of the Qatari people and to keep past traditions alive. Therefore, throughout the morning, pupils took part in a series of activities to support their learning about Qatar, past and present. These included Arabic bread making, Henna and Tattoo painting, storytelling in the Majlis, Arabic calligraphy, handball and even ‘camel racing.’ Pupils also had the opportunity to complete drawings of a camel who visited our school for the day and hold a falcon!

The final activity of the morning was our family picnic which took place outside. This was an opportunity for our whole community to come together and celebrate not only Qatar National Day, but also the end of Term 1. It was lovely to see so many parents in school socialising with each other and I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for supporting this event and the School throughout term 1.

RGS Talent show

A number of talented pupils took to the stage for the final of the inaugural RGS Talent Show. There was a wide range of acts including singing, comedy, magic, dance and drama, which kept the audience highly entertained throughout.

Earlier in the term pupils had auditioned for a place in the Final and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in either the audition process or the Final. During the Final a team of five ‘celebratory’ judges marked the performances and provided feedback to each of the participants.

The standard was very high which made the final decision incredibly difficult. However, after much discussion Bilal (Year 4) was announced as the overall winner. A huge thank you also to Miss Martindale who organised this fantastic event and to the parents who came along to give support.

International Day 2018

On Thursday 21st June our whole school community came together to celebrate International Day. It was a wonderful event as we helped our pupils gain an understanding of the many different countries that make up the world in which we live. It was also an opportunity for pupils to learn about, and appreciate the cultures of families who make up the multicultural community at the RGS.

The day started with pupils, staff members and some parents arriving at school in national costume. We enjoyed a colourful assembly which was led by Ahmed and Salma and included wonderful performances from pupils in Reception, Year 6 and our Piano and Ukulele ECA. Pupils from all year groups, including some very brave Nursery children, told us about their home countries and what they enjoy doing when they visit. At the end of assembly, our whole school joined together to sing ‘Colours.’ Thank you to all the pupils who performed in assembly, and to Miss Martindale and Mr. Woodhouse for supporting the pupils to prepare.