Art Week, 4-8 June

Art Week, 4-8 June

Our Art Week commenced on the 4th June and what a colourful collection of artworks the classes produced.

Our Nursery pupils focused their artwork on sea animals and included the theme of recycling and taking good care of our environment. They produced a wonderful collection of sea animals and sea scenes, including fish and an enormous turtle made out of ‘old rubbish’. They also made a collaborative totem pole inspired by the sea.

The Reception pupils created individual, aboriginal style canvases which centred around animals, one of their favourite class topics of the year. They used a special layering technique to create the canvases and the results were truly stunning. In keeping with the animal theme, the Reception pupils also collaborated with the Nursery pupils on their sea themed artworks.

Years 1 and 2 took a trip around the world to learn about the different types of art in various countries. On their journey to Africa they made some beautiful Maasai tribe necklaces and created safari animal silhouettes. They then visited India and studied Indian art which resulted in some elaborate chalk Rangoli patterns on our outdoor basketball court and Mehndi hand patterns. The next stop on the world tour was Venice and the pupils produced glittering venetian masks – perfect for the famous annual Venetian carnival. The final stopover was Australia where the pupils discovered aboriginal symbols and then created impressive masterpieces using their own style of symbols.

Our French language pupils from all year groups worked together to paint a beautiful reproduction of renowned artist, Claude Monet’s ‘The Japanese Bridge’(the Water-Lily Pond). They learnt how to paint like an Impressionist, adding dabs of different colour and blending them together with short brush strokes. The result was truly a work of art!