Science Week 2019

This week pupils at the RGS have benefitted from one of our regular theme weeks, as learning has focused on Science. Pupils in the Primary School explored a wide range of scientific topics through hands-on investigations and experiments.

Science week got off to a bang on Sunday as the pupils focused on explosions, including exploding eggs, volcanoes, rockets and liquid fireworks. Edible Science was the theme for Monday before pupils became investigators on Tuesday, as they carried out experiments about different crime scenes set up around school. We also had a giant inflatable human body in school for pupils to explore and learn about how each body part works.

Throughout the week, pupils in Reception and Year 1 had the opportunity to visit CURIO City and on Thursday staff and pupils arrived at school looking weird and wonderful for our Science Dress Up Day!

A huge thank you to Miss Mc Conville, Science Coordinator, for planning and organising this beneficial week of learning