Science Week

This week pupils at the RGS have benefitted from one of our regular theme weeks, as learning has focused on Science for the week. Pupils in the Primary School explored areas including space, geology, plants and animals through hands-on investigations and experiments.

The week started with a focus on space and a spectacular show held in the Science Dome. Each class had the opportunity to visit the dome which was so large it couldn’t fit into the atrium! Pupils in Early Years made moon sand and their own telescopes while Year 2 and 3 created rockets using balloons and bottles. There was a lot of fun in the atrium as pupils in Year 5 and 6 took part in an egg drop challenge which involved them designing their own parachutes to ensure their eggs safely landed. Pupils also learnt about the different phases of the moon using Oreos!
During the focus on geology, Year 1 pupils made their own rocks by laying sand, pebbles and glue, as well as lemon volcanoes and rock cakes to explore the formation of rocks. Year 2 made salt dough fossils and even lava lamps!

The School Council garden has also benefitted from Science week as each class has now planted seeds which will hopefully grow into flowers over the coming months.
There really has been so much for the pupils to get involved in covering all aspects of Science. Year 3 and 4 pupils explored the digestive system and heart rate, and even made a test tube disappear in oil, Reception pupils got very messy learning how to create their own slime and Year 5 and 6 pupils spent time in the Science laboratory with Mr Phillips using the microscopes to explore cheek cells.

Throughout the week lots of engaging activities have taken place which have succeeded in raising the profile of science at the RGS. A big thank you to Miss Wheeler, Science Coordinator, for organising this worthwhile week of learning.