Prep School Department

Pupils in Years One to Six are taught the British National Curriculum by their class teacher and supported by Teaching Assistants for the core subjects. Music, PE and Languages are taught by specialist subject teachers in dedicated classrooms. As our pupils progress through the Prep School and into Key Stage 2 (Year Three to Year Six), our curriculum is further extended to include a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, IT and the like, which are taught as independent, specialist subjects.

By the end of Year Six all of our pupils are well prepared both academically and socially for the excitement and new challenges of senior school.

We are fortunate to enjoy fantastic music and sports facilities at The RGS Guildford in Qatar as well as plenty of large, open spaces in which to practice and perform.  We have a dedicated Music Room, an Art Room, an impressive Sports Hall and a large, multi-functional sports pitch, along with five basketball courts. Whilst we are awaiting the installation of our own swimming pool, we are very close to Barzan Park, where our pupils are able to progress their swimming lessons.

The sound of music can be heard throughout the School and plays an important part in school life. All of our pupils receive specialist music tuition and we offer a range of practical and theoretical music lessons. There are opportunities to study various instruments and to join the school choir and bands.

From Nursery to Year Six our pupils enjoy creative art lessons and their handiwork can be seen adorning the school walls and noticeboards. Displaying and celebrating our pupils’ work is essential for building confidence and developing a sense of pride and competition.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education in Qatar, all Qatari pupils receive  Arabic language lessons with a specialist Arabic teacher for up to three lessons a week. All other pupils can choose between Arabic or French language lessons. Islamic Studies is available to our Muslim pupils and all pupils are taught the History of Qatar from Year Three.

We can offer limited support to children who require a small helping hand with either their English language or subject skills.

English as an Additional Language

We provide support to pupils whose first language is not English. It is essential, however, that all children have a basic working knowledge of the English language prior to enrolment. There are a number of excellent English schools and tutors in Qatar that we are happy to recommend.

Special Education Needs

The RGS Guildford in Qatar adopts an inclusive policy and students with SEND are offered the opportunity to join the School if they satisfy the School’s selection criteria and we possess the facilities and expertise to meet their needs. However, due to the limitation of our facilities, we may not be able to cater for all needs. At the present time we do not employ extra staff to support children who require extra tuition or one-to-one support.