Meet the Staff

We believe the strength of a school lies in its staff. The RGS Guildford in Qatar has the highest standards when appointing those people who will work closely with your children. Rigorous assessments, references and the requirement for all staff to be experienced teachers with British teaching qualifications mean that only the best teachers come to work at the School.

We also employ a number of specialist teaching staff to deliver our Music, Sport and Language curriculum. Apart from our Arabic and Islamic studies staff, all other specialist teachers are also British trained and qualified.

The academic team are supported by an expert team of administrative and facilities staff who ensure the smooth running of the school and are always available to support parents and pupils.

RGS Staff List 2017/18

Head of School: Mr. Alistair Downs

Following my graduation from Cambridge University I worked in a variety of schools in the UK, China and Thailand. In 2010 I was appointed the Founding Head of School at St. Andrews International School in Bangkok.

I am immensely proud to be the Founding Head of School at RGSGQ and to continue the tradition of the Royal Grammar School Guildford in an international setting. Our school ethos emphasises high academic achievement within each individual’s potential and we aim to provide an outstanding learning environment where students can flourish. I believe it is our role to develop happy, caring, thoughtful students who feel confident about their abilities, respect others and recognise their importance in the world. We have created a vibrant school with a real community feel at its heart, dedicated to developing confident, independent learners.

Outside of school I have a passion for travel and a love of learning about different cultures. When I’m not traveling I enjoy watching and participating in sports; notably football, badminton, tennis and athletics, as well as chasing after my two young daughters, the eldest of which is currently at RGSGQ.

Deputy Head of School: Mrs Anna Stuart

I was born and raised in Shropshire, England. At age 18 I became a Teaching Assistant in a small school in Shropshire. I worked with a highly inspirational early years teacher and it was there that I caught the teaching bug.

After traveling in my early 20s, I went on to study Childhood and Youth Studies with Sociology. After studying for my degree I worked in a children's home for a couple of years which was hard work but very rewarding. The teaching bug refused to leave me so I completed my PGCE and I have never looked back.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to work with some truly inspirational and amazing people.

Before joining RGSGQ last year I was Head of Foundation Stage at an Apple Distinguished School in the UK. I learned so much at this school about teaching, using IT in the classroom, hard work and team work.

I moved to Qatar last August to join my husband who had already been teaching out here for a year. We enjoy living in Qatar as we can travel to many countries from here and so spend most of our holidays seeing the world.

I have been teaching at RGSGQ since it opened its doors in 2016. It has been rewarding to see the School go from strength to strength with staff, pupils and parents working together to create a real school community.

Reception Dolphins: Mrs Harriet Maines

I studied Psychology, Early Years and Education at Nottingham Trent University in 2008-2011 where I had the opportunity to work within a variety of different schools and nurseries from babies to year 6.

After I graduated I pursued my desire to be a teacher and began studying for my PGCE at Newman University in 2012 where I focused on Early Years education. While studying I was able to visit the Gambia and work with children in a developing school.

After achieving my teaching qualification, I decided to travel the world which is a very strong passion of mine. I returned to work in a school in England near where I used to live. I completed 3 years there and enjoyed my time thoroughly, but fancied exploring the world while teaching, and this is how I arrived at RGS Guilford in Qatar.

During the school term in my free time I enjoy yoga and relaxing while reading Harry Potter! During the holiday I love to travel and we are planning many trips to visit all the beautiful countries close to Qatar in the next few years.

Year 1 Meerkats: Miss Casey Wheeler

After I graduated from Northampton University I worked in a small state school in Rickmansworth, England, teaching Year 1. It was a great experience especially planning exciting and challenging learning experiences to cater for 22 boys in one classroom.

I moved to Qatar in 2015 to work for a new school and taught Reception which I thoroughly enjoyed. During my 2 years in this school it was fantastic to see the school develop and the small community of parents and children flourish and grow. RGSGQ is an exciting place to be and I have felt welcome from the second I stepped foot in the door. I believe that children that are happy and confident in their learning environment with a ‘can do’ attitude will continue to thrive and develop a love for learning.

Outside of school I love to travel and learn about a mixture of cultures. I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym and playing sports such as netball, tennis and squash. Also, whilst in the Middle East I like to take advantage of the lovely weather and go paddle boarding and kayaking.

Year 2 Tigers: Mr. Daniel Walsh

I am from a town called St. Helens in the Liverpool borough of Merseyside in the North West of England. I studied English Language and Education at Liverpool Hope University before going on to complete a School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme in Lancashire. My first teaching post was close to home, in Reception for a year, before I decided to test myself in the cosmopolitan city of London in a renowned academy for a further year. I felt a natural progression for my third year would be to experience teaching in an entirely different continent, which brings me to the Royal Grammar School Guilford in Qatar.

After having worked with children in the sporting sector, I believed that I had the personality and the skillset to really make a difference as a teacher. Not one day is ever the same and the profession is incredibly rewarding. It is an inspiring thought to know that as a teacher, you are developing the future.

My favourite quote is from Winston Churchill; “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.”

Since I found out about my appointment as the Year 1 teacher at RGSGQ, I have been filled with excitement at the prospect of living in a new culture and stepping out of my comfort zone. From a professional perspective, I am delighted to be working in a school that is linked to such a prestigious school back in Guilford and being part of such an amazing project.

In my spare time, I love to play and watch sport. Furthermore, I like history, reading and travelling. I am looking forward to what Qatar has to offer!

PE: Mr. Bernard McCullagh

Following my graduation from my Masters in Physical Education at the University of Limerick I have worked in a variety of schools in Ireland.

I am proud of my role as Physical Education Teacher at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford in Qatar. The school ethos of creating a happy and caring environment where students can progress and flourish and feel confident about their abilities whilst respecting one another are values which are in line with my own beliefs.

Physical Education and involvement in sport can bring a whole host of positive attributes to students. When students recognise that involvement in sport is more than just winning and losing, physical activity encourages skills and resilience for all parts of life, and most importantly it helps to create confident and passionate students.

Outside of school I enjoy Triathlon, a sport which combines three of my passions, swimming, cycling and running. I have taken great pride this year in sharing my passion with all ages at the Royal Grammar School. Sharing my passion with students is something I actively try to do in my teaching role. In my first year at the School we have had a considerable number of students trying out multi-sport activities

Music: Mr. Andrew Woodhouse

After graduating with a BA in music from the University of Leeds, specialising in contemporary composition, I gained my PGCE in education from the University of Huddersfield – in that time I taught music in several schools in the north of the UK.

I am extremely proud to be the first music teacher at the RGSGQ, where I hope to encourage a culture of musicality, with students embracing their opportunity to perform both in and outside of the classroom.  I believe in performance-led music lessons, where music can be used expressively, to build confidence and to encourage positive social interaction.

Outside of the classroom, I perform regularly with my band, have recently developed a passion for running and enjoy travelling to new places.

Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies: Mrs Saffa Ghabbach

My name is Safaa Ghabbach, from Lebanon, I graduated from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Education, Arabic language and social studies.

After my graduation, I moved to Canada where I joined an English school during the week days to improve my language skills (in addition to my French knowledge). I eventually went on to teach Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers.

When I left Canada and came to Qatar, I started my teaching trip in an independent Qatari school having gained the necessary experience to start the real education journey in schools. Following that I joined the French-Qatari school, Voltaire, (where my children are currently studying) and taught the Arabic language curriculum and Social studies. I then worked at Newton School for a while before joining the elegant Royal Grammar School. At RGSGQ the teacher has the feeling like that of a student; comfort, safety and joy. Education in my opinion is an integral part of our lives, it starts from childhood and leads us to infinity.

In my view, education is the quality of achievement and the outcome that the child receives within the potential of each individual. I am proud of my job, because the teacher is there to provide the necessary knowledge to create future generations and leaders; and I am proud to be a mom of every child in my class before I am a teacher. Here begins the progress of the nation and its prosperity.

Out of school I take care of my small family: my husband and my three children. My hobbies are listening to quiet music, shopping, walking, and building social relationships with all segments of society.

Arabic & Islamic Studies: Mrs Arwa Mousa

Originally from Palestine I came to Doha in 2010 with my husband and my three children (two daughters and a son). I lived in America for 15 years where I taught Arabic and Religious Studies in various Islamic schools in Ohio and Michigan for over eight years. This gave me a wonderful experience in how to manage students especially in primary school. My husband then took a leading role in an international company in Qatar and we moved with him. I have since been enjoying the quiet life in Qatar where I can spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends. I was also blessed last year with the birth of my third charming daughter who is keeping me active and diligent. 

Before taking up my role at RGS Doha I had been teaching in Newton International School for about two years. I have taught both Arabic and Islamic Studies to students aged 6 to 11 years. I am excited to implement and further develop my skills in my new role at RGSGQ. 

I really enjoy teaching and believe that the biggest joy in life is attained when you give it all you can. 

Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, cooking and reading. 

I am looking forward to working with the students and their parents as I believe that both teachers and parents have to join hands and collaborate to make sure the student is getting all needed attention and is progressing well.

Year 2 Lions: Miss Jayde Keay

I am originally from Chorley, Lancashire in the North West of England and I have spent the first two years of my teaching career in a small school in a town called Bolton, before moving to RGS Guildford in Qatar. I have a very close, large family some of whom are based all over the world (so not all that close)! I love spending time with my closest family, especially my three beautiful nephews.

The spark for teaching began as early as high school when I studied childcare as a GCSE. From this point on I knew I wanted to work with children and be a part of their education in some way. Before starting my teaching career, I worked as a nursery nurse in a Private nursery whilst studying my degree of Education and Business Studies at University of Central Lancashire in Preston. After completing my degree, I then started my teacher training through School Direct - at Prestolee Alliance based in Bolton – where I achieved my Qualified Teaching Status.

There are many motivators in my life out of school which inspire me to be an enthusiastic and active teacher. I enjoy going to the gym regularly and exploring new places while taking long walks with my dog at the weekend. I am truly passionate about travel and this is what inspired me to make a huge life change and venture to Qatar, where I can incorporate my love of travel into my love of teaching.

I am excited to become a part of the expansion of RGS Guildford in Qatar and I am looking forward to continuing my teaching career here, whilst starting a new chapter of my life in an exciting and vibrant city in Qatar.

Year 3/4: Mr. David Trace

I graduated from the University of Winchester in 2010 after four years of studying and left with a degree in Primary Education (hons). I started my career working in a large four form junior school in the south of England. I taught both upper and lower key stage 2 and became Head of Standards for Year 4 being responsible for 120 children. Whilst at the school, I was in charge of making links with the community and organised a trip to London to be part of the Commonwealth celebrations held in Westminster Abbey. I also helped run the school’s cross country team. After five years I transferred to another school within the academy chain becoming Head of Year 3 at what was an outstanding junior school.

During my teaching career I have been a governor both as a staff representative and as co-opted member in charge of overseeing the progress of disadvantaged children.

This is my first time working abroad and I am very proud to be part of the RGSGQ, being able to help bring the 500 years of outstanding education to Qatar.

Outside of school I love to travel and have recently visited India for the first time. I also enjoy running, playing the piano and chess.

Year 5/6: Miss Grace Kelly

Originally from Ireland, I lived in Liverpool for 5 years where I completed my Teaching Degree. Following my graduation from Liverpool Hope University in 2016, I secured my first teaching job in a Year 6 class and I loved every minute of it. I have taught across the Key stages but working in KS2 is where my passion is. It was hard leaving Liverpool but I was ready for a new adventure. I arrived in Doha late August and have loved every minute of it.

Outside of school I have a passion for travel and I cannot wait to begin exploring the Middle East. I also have a keen interest in sports, mainly Gaelic Games.

I am looking forward to the rest of my time in Doha and at RGSQ and the opportunities that it may bring.

Librarian: Mrs Charito Gutierrez

I am from Philippines, married and with four children. I graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degree major in Psychology. I practiced my profession in Human Resources for four years but my interest to children has taken me to the field of education. To be a licensed professional teacher, I pursued a course in education and managed to pass the licensure examination for teachers. I have been working in various schools for more than 10 years now.

I am proud to be part of distinctively reputable RGSGQ and grateful to be its librarian. Being around with books has brought an amazement in me as I always enjoy reading. The good camaraderie we have built, has given me more enthusiasm to fulfill the librarian's tasks thus I make sure that everyone steps in the library will get the stunning book and my sincerest assistance.

When I am not working, I constantly communicate with my sons in the Philippines to regularly check them, and to my daughter who is with me here in Doha I help her with her revision, watch movies, run and skid at Aspire, sing with karaoke and dance once in a while. I would treasure of being here in Qatar but always like to see my home country and hopefully to visit my sister and brother in Sweden and Italy.

Teaching Assitants

Mrs Marcy Tindugan, Mrs Alma Delos Reyes, Mrs Analaine D. Ferreras, Mrs Edita Santos, Mrs Reyscie Gois, Mrs Sharone Castro, Miss Trixia Repato, Mrs Chona Dimaculangan.

Admissions Officer: Miss Tamara Cain-Alie

I grew up in London and have lived there all my life before moving to Qatar in May 2016.

After Graduating from the University of Roehampton in Psychology and Counselling, I decided to pursue a career in Finance. I initially relocated to Qatar in 2016 to continue my career in Finance but soon learned that I wanted a change. I was seeking a new working environment that was fun, where no day was the same and that could offer personal growth - and where better to find these things than in a school!

I love the food, culture and weather in Qatar- even surprisingly when its super-hot outside, it beats the often grey sky in London! I am pleased to be a part of the admissions team for such a reputable school and look forward to the years ahead.

In my free time I love to travel and have been fortunate to visit both Bali and India this year and often enjoy visiting friends and family back home in the UK. I enjoy baking and love to shop, you will often find me in the Mall of Qatar in my free time.

My favorite quote: “A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what it is built for”.

IT-System Administrator: Mr. Madhan Joy

After pursuing a Computer Science and Engineering degree in India I started my journey in the field of Information Technology as IT Support with a private company in India, utilizing my academic professional knowledge for two years.

I initially flew to Qatar in 2010 and joined an advertising company where I worked for a year. Subsequently, I joined my second company in Qatar and committed myself for 6 years wherein I have been able to further strengthen my technical acumen and developed skills in IT. This knowledge has enabled me to operate in servers and networks and master multiple IT skills like virtualization etc. Throughout this period of employment, I gained experience of working in numerous environments such as Aviation, Education, Automobiles, Trading, manufacturing and contracting, Maritime, Sports and fitness. It was a wonderful opportunity for me.

Having worked in the education sector with more than 3000 students and 500 teachers and staff, I can say that I am equipped in fulfilling the RGSGQ vision and mission in the field of Information Technology support. I feel honored and proud to be part of RGSGQ, in being able to contribute not only my ideas from my previous experiences but my general passion for innovation for the success of the organization. The environment in RGSGQ is amazing and very welcoming.

Some of my favorite leisure activities are reading books, music, movies, and traveling. During my spare time, I am always engaged in sports activities such as football, badminton, volleyball, swimming and running. Also, I keep learning new technologies and courses online to keep me updated on my profession.

School Drivers

Mr. Mohammed Ajahar and Mr. Ibrahim Husein Ali