Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips

“We believe that an all-round education should offer each child the opportunity to try as many activities as possible in order to develop varied and balanced interests in life”

– Alistair Downs, Head of School –

At The RGS Guildford in Qatar, learning extends beyond the classroom: school events, visiting speakers, special topics, visits and trips contribute an important purpose throughout the School. We celebrate International Week, Book Week, Maths and Science Days as well as visiting local museums, farms and parks. Older pupils enjoy an annual, residential trip and all pupils enjoy day trips connected to curriculum topics.

We run a wide range of clubs that are driven by the interests of the pupils and the staff. They include dance, cooking, tennis, football, sailing, art and games. There is no limit to the activities we welcome. If it is possible and enough children are interested, we will do it.

An extended day is available to all of our pupils, including our Nursery and Reception classes who have their own After-School Crèche.