Vision and Values

“Our philosophy is simple – ensuring our children are happy ensures excellent learning takes place; that is what we do throughout all of our RGS family of schools”.

– Alistair Downs, Head of School –

Our vision is to be a community which is internationally recognised for the quality of learning, where our pupils can excel and develop into caring and confident individuals who are well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our values are that:
  • everyone involved with the School embraces the challenge of learning;
  • we have high expectations of all who are involved with the education of our students;
  • children should be happy at school and that happy children are better learners;
  • an RGS Guildford in Qatar education should prepare students for life beyond school and all of its challenges;
  • service to the community should be a part of every student’s school life;
  • everyone in the School should be confident in expressing their opinions and respectful of others in turn;
  • every child participates in a broad and varied range of opportunities;
  • the historic traditions of The Royal Grammar School, Guildford should inform and inspire the School.