Meet the Head of School

Welcome to The Royal Grammar School Guildford Qatar, an exceptional British School delivering a bespoke British curriculum to boys and girls. Whilst we are a young school in Doha we are a school steeped in the traditions of excellence, which has seen our home school, the Royal Grammar School, Guildford deliver an outstanding education to hundreds of young people over the past 500 years.

As part of the RGS Guildford family our ethos maintains that the duty of a school is to provide a superior, all-round education which prepares a child for the challenges of their life ahead. We strive to create an environment where our pupils will be happy learners, develop self-confidence, thrive academically, and make the most of opportunities that may arise. We celebrate the diversity of the whole community and are driven by the ethics of inclusion and equal opportunity for all.

Our principal aim is for all our pupils to leave the RGS as confident young adults, well equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in whatever career path they choose to follow. Whilst excellent academics are important, our primary concern for your children is their happiness and well-being.  At The RGS Qatar we believe that happy children are better learners and the pastoral care of all the children is of the utmost importance.

Our British qualified teachers are passionate about the development of the pupils and understand that for a child to learn, they must feel safe, respected and valued by the staff and by their peers. As such, our classrooms are joyful places where children learn traditional values of manners, respect and tolerance. To help our pupils develop within the all-round education of which the RGS Guildford is so proud, we offer a British curriculum, tailored to the needs of our pupils, which is delivered in English. Whilst in addition, we fully support the Islamic, Arabic and Qatari History curriculums specified by the Ministry of Education.

To achieve the standards of academic excellence that the RGS Guildford schools are renowned for, we place the development of our pupils’ ability to learn as one of our highest priorities. We are a school which understands and can teach the art of learning; we are a school which recognises that learning may not come easily; and we are a school which celebrates the pupils who have risen to that challenge.

Our comprehensive extra-curricular programme includes music, sport and the creative arts: such activities enable our pupils to explore their imaginations and expand their horizons, ensuring a positive development of the child. As a result, we believe that your child’s experience of life at The RGS Qatar will be rich in opportunity and challenge.

Thank you for your interest in The RGS Qatar.  We hope that you will have an enjoyable experience in discovering what our school can provide for your child.

I personally offer you a warm welcome to visit us and I look forward to showing you and your child all that an outstanding education at The RGS Qatar can offer.

 Thomas Rolt – Head of School