Assessment Guide

Admission is by assessment, however, the process has been designed to be as informative, friendly and personal as possible and to reduce the stress of assessment for both parents and children. Whilst assessing the children is essential, we are also aware that anxious children are unlikely to be able to perform to their best ability.

We aim to ensure that all of the children are happy and relaxed throughout the assessment and start each assessment by speaking to the children about their likes and interests and getting to know them as individuals. Although this takes time, especially when assessing a large number of children throughout the year, we feel it is essential to welcome each child in this way and treat them as individuals. Building a relationship with the child and parents starts the moment they enter our school for assessment.

Assessments for children starting in September 2019 will take place individually or in small groups. These assessments will be conducted, wherever possible by Mr. Downs, Head of School or by Mrs. Anna Stuart, Deputy Head of School.

Early Years assessments will usually be 20 to 30 minutes in length and 45 minutes for Key Stage 1 and 2, while Senior School pupils should allow approximately 2 hours for assessment. Times are approximate as we understand that while some children take time to warm-up, most children quickly settle into the environment and enjoy a positive experience.

A detailed ‘Assessment Guide’ outlining the purpose and format of the assessments is available to download. Please see attachment below.

Assessment Guide